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What is mindfulness?

We are all guilty sometimes of rushing around without taking notice of the world around us.

Mindfulness or being mindful is simply taking notice of what is happening in the current moment instead of getting caught up in our thoughts. So look at the picture... are you going to have a full mind? or are you going to step back and be mindful of the world around you?

Getting caught up in our thoughts

Sometimes our minds can race and we can get caught up in our thoughts. This isn't always a bad thing. But sometimes if we do not know how to manage this it can have a negative impact on our day to day lives.

Watch the video 'Underlying Calm' and it will help you understand.


How can we be more mindful?

We can actually train our minds to be more mindful by taking some deep breaths and performing mindfulness exercises. This is also often referred to as meditation and you may have noticed these at the end of each daily dose of fitness.

Watch the video 'changing perspective' for more information and if you want to have a go at a mini guided meditation watch 'mini meditation' video and follow the guidance provided.

Relax Using Art

There is much more to art than drawing, painting, designing, taking photos etc. Art can be extremely therapeutic and relaxing because it focuses the mind on what is happening in the current moment.

Wellbeing Art Activity

This week immerse yourself in nature, get creative, be outdoors and edit mother nature. Please send in photographs of your Land Art for us to share and inspire others.

Mindfulness Audio

Go here to access three downloadable 5 minute mindfulness practices from Soundcloud, plus a guided relaxation. These are suitable for all ages and are designed to be trauma-sensitive - meaning that they are suitable for beginners, are short in length and don't focus on potential triggering anchors such as the breath, which could be unhelpful for those struggling with anxiety, previous trauma experiences etc.

These are free to download and include the following:
* Take a pause - 5 minute practice focusing on an anchor of your choice.
* Three Step Breathing Space - 5 minute practice to check in on your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. (Despite the name, the breath is not included).
* FOFBOC - Feet on Floor - 5 practice for times of overwhelm.

Soundcloud Link

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