Glossopdale School

-Summer School 2021


In August 2021, we invited all new Year 7 students, along with a collection of Year 8s to 11s, to enjoy a huge variety of amazing activities, including workshops in English, Maths and Science.

The ‘Camps’ took place over nine days and were offered to students as follows:

Year 7 & 8 – Three day Transition, Wellbeing, Catch-up and Peer Buddy courses x 2

Year 8 into 9 – Two days Wellbeing ‘Bootcamp’

Year 7 and 8 – Two day ‘Bushcraft’, nature-appreciation and wellbeing courses x 2

All courses were run by external providers and staffed by Glossopdale Teachers/TAs/Support Staff.

All activities and resources were funded by the DFE Initiative for Summer Schools 2021.

Costing breakdown:

External Providers                    £41,052.00

Resources                               £6093.63

Staffing                                    £18,649.62

Total Expenses                        £65, 795.25

The Summer Schools were well-attended with 306 students attending in total.  The breakdown of this was 208 students not entitled to the Pupil Premium and 98 students entitled to the Pupil Premium – this is 32.03% pp attendance, which exceeds our school average.

Please see below the excellent news story that reported on the activities over the summer:

Glossopdale Summer School 2021