Glossopdale School

-Virtual registration

Below is the timetable for online registration periods. Login details for Google Meet will be sent to students via their Google Classroom in the morning prior to each session. All sessions start at 8.45am.


Year group Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
7 Y Y Y
8 Y Y Y
9 Y Y Y
10 Y Y Y
11 Y Y Y

Sessions are not optional; this is an important way of checking attendance to remote education, just as a tutor session is in school. Tutors will be registering students during the live sessions and their attendance will be recorded. Parents/carers will be contacted via in-touch text messages if their child has failed to join the live session.


The live tutor sessions will replace a fortnightly call from the tutor, as their welfare can be monitored and questions raised during each session. Pastoral and SEND staff will continue to make contact as normal with our most vulnerable students. We will follow up with any students if they do not attend.