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Personal Development

What is Personal Development?

At Glossopdale School, we believe Personal Development  is essential for a student to have good health, wellbeing and preparation for adult life in society.  Personal Development is not about the promotion of any ideals, it is about strengthening the knowledge,skills and connections to keep our students healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work.


Glossopdale School is committed to providing a planned programme of Personal Development education for all students in Years 7-13 in partnership with external agencies.

The Department for Education (DfE) states that "all schools should make a plan for PSHE, drawing on good practice"] and that PSHE education is "an important and necessary part of all pupils' education".

At Glossopdale we are fully committed to PD, as we believe  it not only supports pupils' health, relationships and wellbeing but also their academic attainment. A DfE review of PSHE education provision found a range of positive outcomes, including improved attitudes to health, being able to deal with personal difficulties and improved behaviour.


Our Personal Development curriculum covers the following key areas:


Self Concept

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Health Related Decisions

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

Managing risk and personal safety

Sexual Health and Fertility

 Relationships and Sex Education

Positive relationships

Relationship Values

Forming and maintaining respectful relationships


Contraception and parenthood

Bullying, abuse and discrimination

Social Influences

 Living in the wider world

Learning skills

Choices and pathways

Work and career

Employment rights and responsibilities

Financial choices

Media literacy and digital resilience

Gatsby Benchmarks


A Stable Careers Programme

Learning from career and labour market information

Addressing the needs of each pupil

Linking curriculum learning to careers

Encounters with employers and employees

Experiences of workplaces

Encounters with Further and Higher education

Personal guidance

Modern British Values and Citizenship

Mutual Respect


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty



Character Education


What kind of school are we? 

What are our expectations of behaviour towards each other?

How well does our curriculum and teaching develop resilience and confidence?

How good is our co-curriculum?

How well do we promote the value of volunteering and service to others?

How do we ensure that all our pupils benefit equally from what we offer?

Leadership Ladder

Other areas of Leadership in the school.

Super Learning Days

One of the ways Personal Development is delivered is through our Super Learning Days (SLDs).  The following is the plan for 2021-22:


All staff contribute to Personal Development through their roles as form tutors and subject teachers. The Personal Development Curriculum is planned, monitored and evaluated by the Director and Assistant Director of  Personal Development (Years 7 to 11) in consultation with the Asst. Headteacher for Personal Development and KS3.  The Post 16 programme is planned by the Assistant Principal for Post 16 in consultation with the Director of Personal Development and Post 16 Leader. 

Assessment and Accreditation

 The school is currently working towards the Derbyshire School award for Drugs and SRE (Sex and Relationship Education).  An LGBTQ+ award is also coming in 2022.

 Partnerships and useful website links

Our partnerships are continuing to grow and flourish.  These partnerships include:

Derbyshire Children’s services - SRE and Drugs advisors

Derbyshire Education Business Partnership


School Nurses

School  nurses text message service- Chat health

Glossop Business Network

Speakers for schools


BBC Bitesize

Young Minds


Bright Futures

BarclaysLife skills

Crossroads Derbyshire

GM Higher

The Careers and Enterprise company

PSHE Association

Drug Sense UK

Outspoken Sex Ed

A parents' guide to relationships and Sex Education




Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

The Director of Personal Development reports regularly to the School Leadership Team and Governors.  Feedback is gained from the students through Evaluation sheets (via Google Forms), Student Council and the Student Leaders.  Quality Assurance is ascertained through regular learning walks during Tutor Period and Staff Consultation.  From Sept 2021, students  have PD Exercise books which will also feed into the monitoring, reviewing and evaluation process

Parental access to Personal Development Guidance

Parents can contact the school for advice via the Director and Asst Director of Personal Development in school using the following methods:

Claire Dunkerley (Director)


Phone: 01457 862336 Ext 143

Kirsty Oliver (Assistant Director)


Sex and Relationships Parent Forum Slides:

Glossopdale School & Sixth Form

Glossopdale School, Newshaw Ln, Hadfield, Glossop SK13 2DA